31 Plays in 31 Days: Week Three

Getting into the final stretch and I’m getting more and more behind…

My plays for week three (plus the two week two ones that I hadn’t yet written by last entry):

DAY THIRTEEN: Education Trial. In the days over over-medication for all of kids’ “problems”, schools would rather do that than actually help their students.

DAY FOURTEEN: Reciprocation. A man is angry that he performs random acts of kindness and gets nothing in return.

DAY FIFTEEN: Holding and its Patheticness. A guy realizes that now that the girl he’s still in love with is married- to someone else- with kids, he should probably start to let go.

DAY SIXTEEN: Ultimatum. Two girls are frustrated that their friend has suddenly stopped talking to them. They hatch a plan to get her attention again.

DAY SEVENTEEN: Teatime. Two characters, only one of whom is willing to speak. Jack tries to apologize to his significant other for an unknown crime using tea.

DAY EIGHTEEN: Eighteen. A girl is reluctant to face her eighteenth birthday because it means entering a whole new world.

DAY NINETEEN: Mom. Lily, 20, and Caroline, 50, have both lost their mothers, and can’t decide which is worse: to have more time with a mother you hated, or less but happier time with the mother you loved.

DAY TWENTY: Untitled. A girl confront her friend about the friend’s suicide.


And… I’m behind again. I will catch up soon!

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