31 Plays in 31 Days: Week Two

Readers, it cannot be hidden anymore that I am behind on my plays. I was waiting to update until I had caught up, which was supposed to be Thursday… and then I got called into work and it all went to pot. So here is the shameful amount of plays that I did managed to write during week two of the project:

DAY EIGHT: Pretty Underwear. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like, in monologue form.

DAY NINE: The Future, Ended. A girl wakes up to find that she hasn’t actually woken up, because she died of unknown causes in her sleep.

DAY TEN: How. Two friends go through some of the stages of grief following their friend’s suicide.

DAY ELEVEN: Fine is the Wrong Word. A monologue about the proper reaction to death, and how one death compares to another.

DAY TWELVE: A First Time for Everything. Based on the case of Patricia Douglas, a 1930s dancer is assualted by her movie executive boss.

Days Thirteen and Fourteen were a wash, but I’m working on them now! I don’t know where all these unhappy topics are coming from… except my brain, which is scary.

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