31 Plays in 31 days: Week One

This first week as a 31D31P playwright has been eye-opening and super fun. There’s nothing like being forced to write things down to teach you some things about yourself.

The first thing I noticed as I wrote my plays is that I have changed so much as a writer in the past few months. I’m braver, bolder, and more willing to write anything that comes into my head. As I probably stated before, one of the appeals of events like this is not having enough time to cater to your inner editor. There have been many times this past week where I’ve gone, “You can’t write about that!” and answered back with, “No time to think of something else. Forward march!”

I thought writing 31 short plays would be harder than writing an entire novel or play in the same amount of time. With the latter, you at least have an idea of the story every day and you’re living with the same characters. But actually, I’ve been surprised by how much I enjoy spending time with new characters every day. Most days, I start with just a small idea or one line and allow the play go where it may. I used to be afraid of things not working out, but now I just think that if it doesn’t, who needs to know?

I’m also pretty relieved because I’ve written a few funny plays, and after a semester of writing about Victorian girls sent to mental institutions, I wasn’t feeling very amusing. Everything I wrote was sad or at least serious, and I was worried that I might never write anything funny again. But forcing myself to just write and not overthink things allowed me to be silly again, and it’s great.

Without further ado, the basic info of the first seven plays I’ve written:

DAY ONE: God’s Voice. A girl laments her confusion about religion and prayer.

DAY TWO: A Valiant Effort. Two bumblebees discuss the meaning of life.

DAY THREE: Compatibility. Two people try to figure out if they’re right for one another and if they, as a pair, are right for the world.

DAY FOUR: ‘Til Death Do Us Part. The guy killed someone. The girl doesn’t care.

DAY FIVE: Ten Year- Old Thoughts. Anna talks about why she’s different from all of her friends.

DAY SIX: I Just Thought You Should Know. A couple discovers that love isn’t always powerful enough to keep us here.

DAY SEVEN: Reunion. Allyson runs into the school bully, Katrina, at their ten-year high school reunion to discover that the movies lie about these sorts of things.

Anyone else doing this?

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