Go Forth; You’re a Writer Now (or The First Time I Got Rejected)

I suppose I am a real writer now, readers. Why? Because four days ago, I received my first-ever real writing rejection.

Don’t mistake me, readers. I have been rejected as a writer before, but it was in a more minor fashion: plays I wrote not being chosen for school performance, losing essay contests, etc.

As I may have mentioned, I took a poetry and fiction writing class last semester, and I produced some work that I thought was fairly good. Since we only had four people in our class, I also brought in a piece I had written on my own, for critique. The class seemed to like it and gave me suggestions, and I polished it up as part of my final portfolio.

As I was working on this portfolio, I was also completing a project on a literary magazine for the same class. It’s very simple, I discovered, to submit to these magazines, and many of them don’t charge a reading fee. I decided to submit the aforementioned piece, a short play, to one of the magazines I had come across.

This was all about a month ago, and I had no idea when or if the magazine would get back to me. However, I am an actor; I’m pretty much used to putting myself out there initially and never hearing from someone again. I am prepared for this kind of thing.

Then Thursday came along and I saw an e-mail in my inbox from the very magazine to which I had submitted. The e-mail itself is very short, but while they could have written, “Thank you for submitting your piece, but we have decided not to publish it,” they actually referenced the piece itself, saying that they did find “the style, using the line breaks, effective , especially when reading drama” and wished me the best with it.

So it could be worse. No, I will not be published in this magazine this time around, but hey, at least they read it and noticed the part of the play I’d spent the most time on. I think it’s a good piece that could probably still use some revision, but I’m proud I submitted it. And now I feel like I’m officially a writer; all real writers get rejected :p


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  1. That sounds like a pretty good rejection as they go! At least they had really read it, and had sensible suggestions. Sometimes it is genuinely that your piece doesn’t quite fit, rather than there being anything wrong with it – just like going for a job interview.
    Keep on trying! 🙂

  2. I adored your wonderful site. great stuff. I hope you release more. I will carry on watching

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