Thesis: Revealing the Mystery

Or, I suppose, the answer to the mystery discussed in this entry.


In the middle of last month, I put out some feelers for a director for my thesis. I sent out an e-mail containing a synopsis and general project idea to two alumni from my school that had been suggested, one that I knew and one that I did not. While I was sure they are both competant directors, I thought I knew what to expect: one of them would respond (maybe, if they had free time) and would take pity on my schoolgirl project.

So imagine my surprise when both of them said yes, leaving me with the wonderful conundrum of having to choose. I eventually chose the alumnus who had contacted me first, partly because he had done so, and partly because he had been suggested to me on two different occasions. Also, he was fantastically enthusiastic. I sent him the script on a Sunday at 11 p.m. By 9 a.m. on Monday, he wrote me back saying that he loved the project and would be delighted to direct it. This was amazing and shocking to me, as I had met this alumnus very briefly a few times. Also… he loved my writing?! In the e-mail to me, he called it “a beautiful, moving piece of work.” I was speechless.

We e-mailed back and forth for all of February. I practically did a happy dance when I got a message from him asking what sources I used while I was writing the play, because he was doing some research and wanted to look into them. He was doing research. On something I wrote. A little over a year ago, I had two short plays produced in London, and it was surreal to realize that a huge number of people were auditioning and vying for roles that I had created. This was just as crazy.

He and I met up last night to discuss the reading, and after doing so, I’m so excited. He’s absolutely perfect for the project, and he also really cares about what I think about it. This seems like a given, and maybe it is for staged readings, but in general, the playwright doesn’t get much, if any, input into a project. I can already feel that this is a gem of an experience.

Wednesdays are always stupidly busy days for me- five class sessions, as well as a four-hour Children’s Hour rehearsal- but the rare free time I have will be spent frantically starting and finishing my revisions that I’ll be going over with my advisor on Friday morning. Guess who’s pulling an all-nighter tomorrow night?


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  1. Phenomenal news! Congratulations. I can tell just how ecstatic you are about getting your project underway. 😀

    It definitely seems promising since the director is so accommodating. You could have lucked out and found a diva. 😛

    I hope everything turns out well in the coming months. Definitely keep us posted!

    Thanks for sharing.

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